l'education au Rwanda



Rwandan education is too really good i'm delighted to tell u about education in rwanda this period according to where they was in past,from now the technical school takes like special because everything done in technology for developing our country and also ourself knowledgeas i'm a student pursuing bachelor of business information technology at university of kigali ,u see that i take the business as science and also technology for compliting mi future courses so that you will see many student from igitego inyange who is in senior are in technical school

The accademic year of student are different the one who are in high school had the same school time but in university are different according to the class taken per semester another for trimester these two time just making different so there is something in government of Rwanda that everyone have making his/ her own job(kwihangira imirimo) that reason why with more learning science u don't have more possibilities and have fair for people, i rember when i was in high school every student must write his/ her book for represent it in order to get marks in national examation ,we had a fair to be in front of peaple that u does!t know and the one from science they ask us Gosh how can u explain your book just u hear that is amazing and impossible so let's took to the university is there have some question there some school done bachelor in 3years and another in 4 year according to the school and faculty

Ok i would like to write this repport here for your idear also for complete what i don't say If some one have equation ask no problem

Thank you



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Je vous demande de bien acceillir le bulletin  d'Umutoni de 2016


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Whatever i said noone added any comment
That's not good because everyone has his or her thinking about this
Please u have to try

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