computer knowledge

We have to do everything possible to run out technical computer
For modifying the skills in computer practice
Thank you!

is this blaisia

This my picture
I was in computer lab with students run together

Good morning everbady here, our parents and studends.
I would like to create this subject so that we need to improve our knowledge,last time they allowed to create an account on this website as students from igitego inyange and there are many peaple didn't know how we can create it, it can be possible caused by our basic education,our matherland and also our country is poor in technology, so what can we do inorder to modify our knowledge? How can we do that? Inorder to improve our skills in computer practice
Please don't be quite your ideas is needed
Thank you for your consideration!

computer knowledge

This is mi picture




Welcome on your comments
Subject is ready here

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